- part plot, part not plot


I watched your hands
she does not come from memory
a half burnt smoke
waulking wounded
after brushing smooth
in my world
lying here
snow catches wind
luscious lollipops
the lies
how have I built?
I haven't firmed
things in passing
the cops are upset.
roll around
I have the same life
she is calm
initiated by a wish
I return to the fountain
I can walk farther
I have seen happiness lose
I play in the streets
in bed at night
come in my lounge
did you like my eyes
my life is too real
last night
devotion is not a habit
a parent
Funk is pain
leaving a week long trip
does art imitate life?
I finally threw our picture away
I feel like an old doctor
her nails on my side.
I will take my muse's advice
the formal business words
the lawn sprinkler
deferred life plan
I share courage
Honey Bear
she held a small finch
not stopping
I don't eat well
a flight of stairs to 3am
my fingers are cut up
as a man
be careful what you pretend to be
the cat finds life
why are you so afraid
sniffin glue
today i began the summer
times i feel
I spent most of the night
I am a lover
phantasmal fluff
I'm leaving Sacramento
adorable face
the sun rose
i cooked




Today I began the summer as I had ended the last
with Sunny Hills and a beautiful blond
but I won't hold anything back from this one.
I won't think about work
or things,
I will think about her.
I will tell her that I really prefer her natural color.

Today at lunch
coming in from the hot outside into the cool Daily,
we are seated.
We settle
and stare.


I notice that you're wearing a bra today.
I can see the red mark left between your breasts.
I don't want to touch you there yet.

I want you to do it.
I want you to see yourself.
I want you to like it.

I want you to press and see the blood rise to the top.
I want you to let go and see the slow fade away.